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trombone and trombones
In the online shop for trombones, which has specialized for wind instruments, we are selling trombones for Jazz musicians, for musicians of brass bands and for musicians of classical orchestras.

Mouthpieces for Trombone

mouthpiece for trombone from STOMVI Stomvi and Josef Klier (JK) are manufac­tur­ing one of the best mouthpieces for trombones. Of course, you will find them in our online shop for trombones.

Trombones from BRASSEGO

trombon de BRASSEGO In our shop Trombones.Online you will find the bass trombones BIG MAMA and BELLISSIMA from BRASSEGO with its patented characteristic treatments of the bell.

Trombones.Online has specialized in woodwind and brass instruments

BRASSEGO has patented its special treatment of the bell of the trombones and offers for many models the change of the bell.

All of these products of BRASSEGO are available at Trombones.Online.

Don't hesitate! Come in into our shop Trombone Online for wind musicians!

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BRASSEGO All about the patented treatment of the bell of trombones provided by BRASSEGO we will tell you in the shop Trombones.Online. Trombones.Online offers all the trombone models of BRASSEGO with the its special treatment and some trombones with different diameters of the bell.

At Trombones.Online we are selling the models of the prestigious brands STOMVI and BRASSEGO

We also have very good models of the brand NARTISS. The instruments of this workshop we recommend because of its economic price for students.
Search and find in our shop your next trombone! The online shop is open 24h/7 days.

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You need to decide which trombone you need, if you need a bass trombone or a tenor trombone. And you should also have an idea about the material: goldbrass, copper or bellflex. Don't forget to think about the possibility to change the intonation with a quart-valve.

At Trombones.Online we have a great variety of trombones for professionals, hobby musicians, and for students. For musicians in orchestras and for soloists.

Why do you hesitate? The online shop for trombones and accessories
is one of the most competitive with respect to quality and price!

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What the clients of Trombones.Online say:

Teddy: I have bought a bass trombone from and I did like the quick reaction of the shop.
M.M.: I'm playing in a Jazz group and I know BRASSEGO from a music trade show. To be honest, I fell in love with the trombones of the workshop. They told me that I can buy the instruments at competitive prices in Spain at, and that's what I did.
Erick: I was asking Trombones.Online about the special patent hammering of the bells and about their experience with symphonic orchestras. They have been very kind and they have eliminated all my doubts.
Gomes: Excellent quality of the mouthpiece from Klier for my tenor trombone!

What are you waiting for?

At Trombones.Online you can find all the things related to tenor trombones and bass trombones, for brass bands, for jazz groups and for classical orchestras.
Please, visit our online shop for trombones - and realize your dream!

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